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Real Estate Media

Are you a real estate agent, AirBnB Host, Hotelier or private seller and want to make your property stand out?

I've worked producing real estate media for 3+ years and helped effectively advertise 100s of properties.

My journey in the real estate industry has been marked by a commitment to excellence, ensuring that each property I capture is presented in its best light. Through the lens of my camera, I transform spaces into immersive experiences, allowing potential buyers to envision their future within the walls of the homes you represent

Let's collaborate to turn your listings into visual experience that resonate with buyers and leave a lasting impression. Explore my portfolio and discover the power of visual storytelling in real estate.

*Content Packages available  
*Discounts offered for multiple property bookings

RE - Real Estate Video

Real Estate Video

Walk Through Video

A real estate walkthrough video is a visual tour of a property, providing viewers with a comprehensive and immersive experience of the space. It's a dynamic way to showcase homes, commercial properties, or other real estate listings, offering potential buyers or renters the opportunity to virtually explore the property as if they were physically present.

Key features of a real estate walkthrough video typically include:

  • Drone shot showing the surrounding area around the property 

  • Drone shot showing the properties external features

  • Interior videos showing each room/features in a house

  • Exterior videos showing exterior features

  • Company Branding

  • Graphics

Agent Narrated Tour

This type of video is designed to provide potential buyers with a virtual tour of the property and highlight its key features in a compelling and engaging manner. The agent serves as the guide throughout the video, offering insights, describing the property's attributes, and creating a personalised narrative to help viewers envision themselves in the space.

This video is also a great tool for real estate agents to market themselves. 

Reels/Tik Tok

This type of video is produced specifically for the format of Instagram Reels/TikTok. Typically a much shorter "highlight" video. Real estate agents leverag the short-form video format to enhance their marketing efforts and reach a broader audience.

Drone Video 

Sometimes a drone video is the most effective way to showcase a property or piece of land. 

Drone videos give the viewer an aerial perspective and provide a unique and elevated perspective of the land that is not achievable through traditional ground-based photography

Drones enable real estate agents to showcase not only the specific parcel of land but also its surroundings. Buyers can see neighboring properties, proximity to amenities, and the overall environment, providing a more complete understanding of the land's location.
In my drone videos, I can creatively map out plots of land, highlight amenities and nearby areas with 3D graphics and text.


Real Estate Photos

First impressions matter! High-quality, professional photographs create a positive and lasting first impression. In the competitive real estate market, virtually appealing images can make a property stand out and attract potential buyers. 

Ryan Lynch property photography produces the highest quality professional images using the latest in DJI and Sony cameras. From working in the industry for years I have built the skills to capture a property features effectively. 

Using a professional photographer for property listings creates a consistency in branding. Consistent, high-quality images contributes to a professional and cohesive branding strategy for real estate agents. This consistency can strengthen the agent's brand and build trust with clients and prospects. 

Properties presented with professional photographs are often perceived as more valuable. Buyers may associate the quality of the images with the overall quality of the property leading to increased interest and potentially higher offers

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

Powered by A.I! Virtual Staging offers numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and visual appeal.

Virtual Staging enables potential buyers to see the full potential of a property. My services can create realistic and visually appealing virtual furnishings that help buyers visualise themselves in the space, ultimately boosting the property's marketability.

Traditional staging can be expensive and time consuming. Virtual staging with AI allows agents to digitally furnish and decorate spaces at a fraction of the cost, making it a more budget-friendly option.

AI-powered virtual staging can be done quickly, saving valuable time in the marketing process. This is particularly beneficial when working with tight timelines or when a property needs to be listed promptly.

AI allows for easy customisation of virtual staging based on the target demographic or buyer preferences. Real estate agents can experiment with different styles and layouts to showcase the property in a way that resonates with their target audience.

AI technology in virtual staging can adapt to current interior design trends and styles, ensuring that the property is presented in a contemporary and appealing manner that aligns with current market preferences.

3 Amberley Park, Grange - interior-5.jpg




RE - Floor Plan

Floor Plans

Floor plans offer a visual representation of the property's layout, providing potential buyers with a clear understanding of the spatial arrangement and flow of the space. This visual aid can be crucial for helping buyers envision how they would use the various rooms.

Floor plans complement virtual tours and online listings by offering an additional layer of information. They contribute to a more informative and engaging online experience for potential buyers who may be exploring properties remotely.

Creating accurate and detailed floor plans can be time-consuming. By outsourcing this task, real estate agents can save valuable time that can be better spent on other aspects of their business, such as client interactions, marketing strategy, and property showings.

Also, agents can ensure a consistent and standardized format for floor plans across all their listings. This consistency contributes to a cohesive brand image and provides a uniform experience for potential buyers.

Floor Plan
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